Pipe Gator can be operated by excavator and above.

The Gator is operated with a high flow auxiliary circuit. The gator can operate in forward and reverse motions but, isn’t required. A uni-directional circuit is more than sufficient to run Pipe Gator. Pipe Gator is most efficient running one direction because, in a two direction scenario, the operator will essentially begin to “push” the dirt instead of “pulling”. In the long term, this will tend to wear the chain noticeably quicker and be much harder on the Gator than what is expected. Overall exaggerating the wear and reducing longterm productivity.




  • 116 3/4″L, 29″W and, 56″H
  • 15 1/2″ Boom Width
  • 110mm pin sockets and can be reduced with supplied bushings specific to model trackhoe
  • digs an 8″ trench
  • 76″L bar exposing up to 36″ pipe
  • 45-47 GPM
  • Designed for Quick Attachment compatibility


Pipe Gator is remotely controlled by the PLANAR®-NL SMJ. With the use of the Planar, this sets a level of safety that takes Pipe Gator to the next level of industry safety standards.

  • Compact, ergonomic, user friendly and robust
  • Protected IP65
  • Integrated antenna
  • Frequency switching
  • Automatic pat. LBT frequency search
  • 67 HF channels (30 HF channels for Europe)
  • Joysticks proportional or stepped
  • 2 x 7-segment Functional display
  • Optional: Multifunctional display
  • SMJ-Technology (Surface Mounted Joystick)
  • Optional: data feedback
  • Working time: 40 Hrs on a single charge
  • With waist- and neckbelt
  • Weight approx. 815 g
  • CE